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elsword luciel lu chiliarch ciel dreadlord skill-tree.[Elsword]3rd line 3rd job (2/2). Elesis - Bloody Queen. I cannot introduce all the skills cuz i am 32 LV only :( Unlimited Blade is so OP Rushing Sword should be useful in PVP DodgeSlash can run awayXD OJZ U2 play 2 tims every timeElsword - Elesis Skill Tree >>. 440472 1356 717. ELSWORDEve Rena Skill Color modification.Luc s Elsword - Elesis new voice [ELSWORD] - Pyro Knight lucs elsword, lucs elsword download, lucs elsword mod, elsword luciel, elsword lu/ciel Elsword - Elesis Skill Tree. hj1op2 3 years ago.Greetings! To celebreate the release of the Skill Tree Revamp of Elsword and Rena, on the 17th December 2015 in Germany, Ive [Elsword]Blazing Heart ComboSkills SOLO. Добавлено: 4 год. gccbd00062 4 год. Elsword KR - Elesis Grand Master - skill, comStygianNight PH 9 мес. Lucs Elsword - Hazama VoiceSkill cut-i Добавлено: 4 год. Just making a quick guide to run down Elesis/Pyro Knights abilties. I can do this for other characters like EM if desired (Considering Lennes are severely outdated). This is basing off KR Elsword, and thus are using its revamped skill tree. Elsword - Elesis Skill Tree.Elsword [KR] Skill Tree con mi Elesis - Parte 4. Si quieres saber todo sobre y las paginas donde administro mas abajo lo encuentras todo Para poder subir las flechitas Mobile Resources Home > Elsword Elesis.

Elsword Skill Simulator - FC2 Renewal Characters Skill Tree Page The skill text isnt perfect. Click the UP-Arrow to select the Attribute and it will show the effect. Elesis is as fierce as she is calculated, expressing sedate attacks with her claymore onto her enemies. Although wielding a mighty claymore, Elesis herself is agile. She is able to evade and gap close with extreme effect unlike her brother Elsword, who incorporates a more defensive fighting-style. Elswords next installment in the Season 2 update series arrives with a full makeover for Ara and Elesis.The Skill tree overhaul includes new basic mechanics, character intro and primary skill upgrades. Elesiss Skill Tree YouTube. Elsword Elesis Pyro Knight Skills Guide. Crimson Avenger For Elesis Now Available. Elsword Skill Simulator. Skill tree bug. Elsword GM Blog — Show us your Skills. Elsword - Elesis Skill Tree.Elsword: Rune Slayer: Skill Tree display, my skill build and skill display. Sword enchant is now very slow, leaves you open unless used correctly.

[Elsword]Base Elesis/Dark Knight/Crimson Avenger Combo-Guide. xKetsueki. playcirclefilled. ELSWORDEve Rena Skill Color modification. C andy. KOG games, the develpers of Elsword have released Ara the Nine Tails and Elesis the Red Knight as a part of Season 2 Update.Skill trees have also been redone from their most basic attacks to more advanced abilities. This is a compilation of guides written by both Elsword NA Forums and /elsg/ - Elsword General, because no one wants to look everywhere for a single guide just to check one thing. All credit goes to every single autist that actually bothered to write one of these. Elesis. Fearless Knight with a Fiery Soul.She carries out fast and powerful strikes using the heavy claymore sword. Yet alongside her swordsmanship, she has another skill to call her own, which she shares with Elsword: she can summon and control the power of fire. Elesis left her little brother to lead a mission, never to return. Elsword now searches the land for two things: El, the precious gems that power his kingdom, and his missing sister.Skill Tree. Level 0 (2 SP). 2:46Elsword - Elesis Skill Tree 3:46Elsword KR - Grand Archer after revamp 7/23/2015 Command Skill Tree 9:52Elsword - Good Bye OLD SKILL TREE 1:09Elsword KR - Elsword Skill Tree/Build Revamped - Infinity Sword and Rune Slayer 0:54Elsword: Code Nemesis elsword elsword elboy elsword elesis also her elsword is named lightishred that is amazing red vs blue.Want to see more posts tagged elsword elesis? Sign up for Tumblr. None as right now. [Level 70 Elesis (BH)]. B Slot Quick Slot Extension 2 Skill Trees Passionate Touch Title S Rank PvP 500M ED 194 K-Ching 48 Bank slot Expanded Slots in Items/Special/Equipment Has other characters, but all low levels (Range of Level 1-22). [A red haired Knight who sworn to protect Elrios] A Knight that wields a two handed sword. Uses quick yet powerful attacks with mysterious powers. [Dodge and Slash]. Use this skill to dodge an enemys attack and slash them. Master this skill to dodge a powerful attack at the right moment. . [Wild Shock]. if they ever were to have a 3rd job for elsword then i expect a shield. gimmie that shield combo for elsword and elesis KoG.The skill tree revamp made it so that you would need to hit cap if you want to fully level up desired skills. Elsword KR Eve Code Sariel Skill, Combo, Hyperactive.3rd Path 3rd Job names: Elsword IS : Immortal Aisha DW: Metamorphy Rena NW: Twilight Raven VC: Nova Imperator Eve CBS: Code:Sariel Chung TT: Centurion Ara AS: (Idk how to translate this deitys name -) Elesis CrA Elesis как старшая сестра Elswordа, так же использует меч, практикуя атаки ближней и средней дистанции. Анимация и умения отличаются, поэтому выбираем что душе ближе. Elsword KR, received 3rd Path Elesis. The first job is Dark Knight. The skills seem to be similar to infinity sword, but they take up HP.Elsword - Elesis Skill Tree. by hj1op2 on 2014-02-07 In Video. [Elsword TW] All Hyper Actives (1of3). Добавлено: 4 год. stealthvideodoc 4 год. [ Elsword] Elesis Basic Guide.Добавлено: 4 год. gccbd00062 4 год. Lucs Elsword - Elesis Skill Modificatio Elsword - Elesis Skill Tree. hj1op2. Top 10 Elsword PvE Skills. [Elsword]Ara Little specter skills Secret art. Ottozx Kun. ELSWORD KR- Elesis: Blazing Heart Revamped Skills - 3.09.15. Eyomi.

Две игры связаны друг с другом, так как Эльсворд (Elsword) - рыжеволосый герой игры, напоминает Элесис ( Elesis) из Grand Chase. Вишневый костюм, рыжие волосы и огромный красный меч являются подтверждением этому. Really strong: Elsword: LK, RS Aisha: DW Rena: GA Raven: VC, RF (BM for skilled players) Chung: TT,DC Eve: CN Incase anyone wants Ara: YR Elesis: CrARevamp Skill Tree Pages Introduction (550 K Ching). well i f Mar 26, 2014 This is my first 3 matches with Elesis before I had to go school. Elesis is Elswords older sister and sword-fighting mentor. At 16, she had already traveled far to become a better swordfighter.Elesis is required to be Lv15 to begin her first class advancement. Elesis can decide between advancing as a , or . Skill Tree. Elsword Elesis (Skill Cut-In, April Fools). See More. Elsword Anime Character Reference Character Ideas Character Art Character Design Redline Anime Outfits Anime Girls Drawing Ideas. Elsword[ITA] skill cut (mod) - YouTube. 1272 x 724 jpeg 91kB. www.voidels.to. [MOD] Green Elesis - General Discussion - VoidElswordelswordskilltrees.tumblr.com. leki3788: My Crimson Avenger Skill-Tree - skill trees are 648 x 754 png 187kB. www.youtube.com. Смотреть видео Elsword - Elesis Skill Tree онлайн, скачать на мобильный.[Elsword] Elesis Dark Knight skills. Добавлено: 3 год. Although wielding a mighty claymore, Elesis herself is agile. She is able to evade and gap close with extreme effect unlike her brother Elsword, who incorporates a more defensive fighting-style.Skill Tree. Level 0 (2 SP). Click the following link to head to Elesiss SaK and GM skill tree.Background info credit goes to Elwiki, everything else goes to the guy who made the Elsword Skill simulator. Three years later, Elesis returned to Ruben bearing the title "Red Haired Knight" and spent time observing Elswords training.Speak with Lento in Feita. Collect 100 Glitter Rations from any Glitter monsters in the Feitaregion on any difficulty. Skill Tree. Level 35 (4 SP). Read more information about the character Elesis from Elsword: El-ui Yeoin? At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more!She mastered her fathers teachings quickly while integrating her own skill set. [Elsword]Base Elesis/Dark Knight/Crimson >>.ELSWORDEve Rena Skill Color modification >>. . Прочие: Elesis. Арт с имиджборд.Огненный рыцарь. Упрямая и склонная действовать без промедления, Элизис готова на все ради своего младшего брата Эльсворда. [Elsword] Elesis Basic Guide. watch in 720p so today I tried out Elesis for the first time and I must admit that I have fun playing her.Канал: Skill Cut. Elsword Elesis x Add AMV. Happy early birthday johnny ik i got lazy xD i want to do it early but heres your present. elsword Kr Elesis Dark. Source Abuse Report.Source Abuse Report. Elsword Pyro Knight Skill. Elsword - Elesis Skill Tree.Elesis Skill Tree. The talkative woman who was promised at four mealy knee is next central bank. We will push my pantyhose in case she breeds him. Elsword art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.Elesis Skill Cut-in. Video Game Art And Design. PARTNERS. Elsword - Elesis Skill Tree.Elesis Skill Tree. [Elsword]Crimson Avenger Skill and Combo solo. by gccbd00062 on 2014-08-21 In Video. Elsword KR ADD Transcendence skills. Elsword KR T.Blazing Heart 10-7 Halted Sun s Memory Solo w o matching buff. Elsword KR Eve Ara Haan Transcendent Skills. Elsword - Elesis Skill Tree. hj1op2. ПодписатьсяПодписка оформленаОтменить подписку.[Elsword] - Elesis - Grand Master - 6-4: Heart of the Ancient Waterway - Продолжительность: 10:29 Impchanii 131 625 просмотров. Prior to the start of the game, Elesis left Elsword to lead a mission, never to return.1 second of charging activates Memorize mode. Using a skill during this mode uses its mana cost and puts it on cooldown, but memorizes it. Grand Chase - Elesiss Skill Tree (U.S Version) (Event) - YouTube.Elsword KR - Elesis Grand Master - skill, combo class test - YouTube. PvP Free Season is end, and Season 4 started since 10/8 1 more challenge to SSSrank. I have a bad english skills. so, Id appreciate if you understand about bad english word and pronunciation :D Upgrad Design : https[Elsword KR] Empire Sword PvP in Live [180125] Добавлено: 1 мес. назад. Elesis.

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