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Go to setting > Phone > My Number : Unknown. This make me cant active iMess and Facetime. Can someone help me please. Файл: Инсталлер: [APK] Требования и х-ка: Android OS Скачать: Unknown- Number-fix-1.0.6-debug.apk [526,72 Kb] (cкачиваний: 681).Windows Phone. Другая. 1. setting -> system -> About phone -> My phone number in status -> unknown is seen.( cynogen(mod)7 ROM Currency settings -> Additional settings enter my numbers directly.) Please help me solve this problem and I would really appreciate it. You receive anonymous phone calls from an unknown phone number?You received a text message (SMS) from an unknown number? Want to know who this number belongs to? We can trace the cellular phone number for you. 1.2 Under my phone number it says "Unknown" How do I get a number?1.5 How do I find out the phone company my phone is activated with? 1.6 Incoming calls coming up unknown on Samsung 5 Neo? 1.7 How do I connect to o2/ how do I find my number? how i fix this problem try to install this sim card in iphone and you can set the number from iphone setting -phone- my number .set you number after that install it in your samsung it should show your number.About, Status, "My phone number" Unknown - WHY? My phone was showing its own number as unknown under settings about phone. Also when looking at Sim card manager.

Android 7.1.1 Galaxy note8. I tried my sim from my iPhone 4 on 5.

0.1 on her phone and get UNKNOWN number as well.2. Turn off Airplane Mode and Immediately go to your phone settings and click on the unknown number tab and you will be able to manually enter your number. Any idea how I change the setting from "Unknown" to my actual number?:confused: Or is this something that is set by my service provider?then own phone number typed in mobile number clicked save removed sim put back in phone and up comes number under my phone number in status. julian. Tried call ing my cell from home phone and went to automated voice mail. Checked Settings and under Phone / My Number it shows "unknown". Is this an iPhone problem or do I need to contact my carrier, Verizon? Does anyone know how to display your number in the Phone app? Mine currently says My Number: Unknown in Phone App?Yes its easy go into setting and sim card You can set your phone number in there. It backed up properly, but my phone ended up in recovery mode. After a few attempts, I restored it, and everythings working, except that under Settings> Phone, it says that my number is "Unknown" And I have no service, and cant call anyone. When you go to the Settings app > General settings > About phone > Status, do you see the phone number on the My phone number field ? If it appears as Unknown, it means that the carrier hasnt programmed the number to your SIM card. Why does the phone display my phone number as "unknown" on using certain sim cards under "Dual sim card settings" and "About->Status". Some other sim works just fine. Is there a way to manually enter it ? After a few attempts, I restored it, and everythings working, except that under Settings> Phone, it says that my number is "Unknown" And I have no service, and cant ca Ive recently noticed I have three other numbers on my account. When I view my bill online to see my usage it shows my correct landline number and three other numbers beginning 03316.You should see the associated mobile phone number against the account. To see our number in any android, we will set> About phone> Status> My phone number, there it appears to us most "unknown". For me effective solution was: get a blackberry, in my case I had one old man model 8520 Getting lot of calls from unknown caller is really annoying one. On your iPhone or iPad you can block any numbers via Settings -> Phone -> Blocked. I was checking out the Settings on my phone and I noticed that my phone doesnt appear to know what its own phone number is the SIM card card info shows: "Public Mobile" and "Unknown Number". I had successfully ported my number from Virgin Mobile last night. Most mobile phone users have experienced a prank call from an unknown phone number or a missed call from an unknown phone number.They work like a regular telephone directory search, but they use the unknown telephone number to track down its owner. Does your sim cards phone number shows on the About > Status > My phone number menu? Mine only says Unknown, or is this really happening on all Mi3 devices? Im currently using a new Globe postpaid sim. Can anyone tell me how to change the "unknown" my phone number under settings in the Ideos. When I goto Settings/About Device/Status and scroll down to My phone number, it says "Unknown".I called Sammy who told meIf your phone is an I9300, it looks for your number on the SIM Card. This has always niggled me in Android - many mobile carriers dont program their sim cards with a phone number such that with each of the (sim free) Android phones Ive had, you look in Settings>Status>My phone number and it comes up "Unknown". No, it is not possible to hack phone by just a call from unknown number, till now there is no exploit or backdoor found by which a cellphone can be hacked just by calling the number of the cellphone, until and unless you get physical access to that cellphone When my Koodo Sim card is install the " My Phone Number" shows as " Unknown". Any ideas why?The Rogers SIM phone numbers display correctly and immediately but again the Koodo phone number still shows as Unknown. I succesfully had everything transferred to the new sim card, however now, when i go to Settings -> Phone -> My Number Unknown. If I go into Settings -> Messages I have no option to send or receive from my phone number, just my email. How to Get Name of a Phone Number Holder. Tip Abstraction: It is not easy to get subscriber or user name of a phone number. Here are some awesome ways to find out the identity using a phone number. However, what if my number shows up as "unknown?" Fix: My Phone Number Shows As Unknown? If your contact information displays as unknown, then it might be a problem with your account or your SIM card. My iphone displays my number as "Unknown" (Settings > Phone > My Number > Unknown) .

- For the phone category: Go to the "FaceTime" section, disable and enable FaceTime, you will see the correct number displayed. Under Settings->About phone->Status, why "My phone number" is "unknown"? I am on GB. I asked people at the Samsung Store and another retail i fix this problem try to install this sim card in iphone and you can set the number from iphone setting -phone- my number .set you number im really scared. first off i got 5 call from a number i didnt recongnize but i knew it was from my town. i didnt call back. then half an hour later this number from out of country keeps calling. i didnt pick up. now it just says unknown number and i cant add him to my block list. he keeps calling every. I was going through the settings and under Phone My Number is shown as Unknown. All services are active and functional and caller IDs show my name and number. No issues whatsoever except for this. justin bieber justin bieber facts unknown number call phone unknown girly british accent accents hide identity hidden identity 144 i love this picture.wrong number unknown number my uterus is calling? Also the old number u had before porting will need changing manually to the new one. > settings > phone > my number > edit the number and reboot.He means in phonebook his number us unknown not when he calls someone. When you install certain applications like WhatsApp Google duo IMO video call Viber Uber excetra they tend to collect your phone number automatically from When I click on contacts, MY INFO is displayed with the wrong number ( unknown to me). When I click on edit contact, it does not allow me to edit the phone number as an option. ??? Then you are in a right place to know the name of the person who called you, just with their mobile phone number without any hassle.True Caller Search Number. Click Search, you will find the name of the unknown person who called you, like the below image. Not only the name of the person, if Did it happen to you an unknown phone number calling you all the time and you have no idea who can it be? If you want to figure out who called you, without risking a chance of being ripped off, first check the number. The entry for "My phone number" comes up as unknown. My number does work, the phone just doesnt seem to recognise it. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to fix this? Title says it all ( I think ), if I look under the Settings - Status - Phone number on my Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone, it says unknown. What does that mean ? Do I have to enter the number some where ? Samsung note 3 unknown phone number. My galaxy s2 dont show my phone number when i call people. how do i let my number show? Unknown Number Lyrics. [Hook:] Its the same story The same story again (damn) Last night you want a fall guy Today you want it to end Ya said that I should never call you again Or talk toI took your number out my phone the second that you split So tell me why is it you text me Who the hell is this? In this guide well first show you how you can locate your own number and then we shall explain how you can manually save your phone number so that it appears on your device in the future, as opposed to showing as unknown. Select Status or Phone identity. Your phone number should be displayed on the screen. On some devices, it may be listed under Voice MSISDN Line 1 or SIM card says my phone number is unknown, i dont get it!! Many people choose to make a reverse phone lookup their first step for identifying all of the unknown numbers on their phone bill, since it saves a great deal of time and energy. How can I make it to were my number will appear "Unknown" or "000-000-000" on other peoples phones once I call/text them. How do I do this?Just turn that off or set it to do not show and your number will come up as Unknown. I have, incidentally, turned mobile data back on. Im assuming that that is the reason that when I tried to find what my phone number is (via the settings menu), my phone now tells me my phone number is unknown. How on earth do I get my number back? If you receive annoying phone calls from unknown callers on a frequent basis, then identifying these calls may be a priority to you. Although these calls arent always easy to identify, there are a few options to try to find out whos calling you from an unknown number. The Show My Number option is for having your own number show at the top of the phone app.If set to "Always" youll get "private" on the other end. Usually " unknown number" on the recipients end is the recipients issue.

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