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It could also be that you have a bad battery: there have been batteries in iPhone 5 that do not meet apple standards.Is the iPhone 5s battery life better than that of the iPhone 4? Does More Battery Power Actually Mean More Battery Life? You might think that the iPhone Xs extra battery power would keep it running for longer than the iPhone 8 Plus.The tech reviews site found that the iPhone X battery actually performed slightly worse than the iPhone 8 Plus, though it easily DB:4.09:Iphone 5 Battery Problems 7j. Battery life in my iPhone 5 is real bad.DB:3.37:Iphone 5 Battery Life mz. Th e battery on my new iPhone 5 seems to drain faster than expected. battery-life.ru. Google PageRank: 0 из 10. РейтингВ нашем магазине Вы можете приобрести iPhone iphone4, iphone 4s, iphone 5, iphone 6, iphone 6 plus по самой низкой цене и неизменно высокого качества. A thread in the Apple forum titled iPhone 5 battery life is way worse than iPhone 4 is filled with furious iPhone 5 owners trying to understand the cause of the battery issue on their smartphones. So to improve your iPhone iPad battery life, you can choose to not give this power to your device since it may make the bad decision.Turn Off Vibrations to Extend Battery Life on iPhone iPad. Believe it or not, vibration alerts can use up battery life more than anything else, especially if you get a lot of Ill wait for the iPhone 5 when a real successor comes out that warrants a 500 upgrade. The A5 is just a clocked up CPU over the A 4??This new design really takes the iPhone to the next levellarger screen and consistent battery life is better than anything else out there. Iphone 5 Battery Life Worse Than 4. Forum.Iphone 5 Battery Life Worse Than 4. panasonic kx tg 6074 5 8 ghz.

casio answering machine. ohp 7500. Every time Apple releases a new version of iOS or a new iPhone, it seems battery life becomes an issue. On the positive side, that also means were getting really good at troubleshooting it and helping everyone get back to good battery life. But battery life is far more complex than the sleep/wake button and requires expert help, which is why Apple is inviting customers to check whether or not they qualify for a free replacement battery.See, iPhones arent ever meant to have bad battery life, so if you had to buy a replacement battery at Rather than declaring one side right versus wrong, Id suggest a bit of practical caution. Its obvious that in some cases, iOS 7 is hitting iPhone 5 battery life hard.Im using a iPhone 5 and the battery life is slightly better. Maybe its just a impression, but its definitely not worse. In a recent 9to5Mac poll, 70 of readers reported that battery life was worse with iOS 11.While more that a 50 drop in battery life sounds terrible, there are a few things to keep in mind (if you want to get right to tweaking your iPhone for better battery life, head below).

Apple says the battery life in its all-new iPhone 5 is roughly equivalent, if not slightly better, than the battery power in its predecessor, the iPhone 4S.iLounges battery tests also discovered that the iPhone 5 battery performed worse than the iPhone 4S in terms of voice calling time ATT users There is a mixed response to iPhone 5 battery life.While a lot many people do report that iPhone 5s battery is a tad worse than iPhone 4S, that was expected. I mean, take a look at the specs: larger screen, in-cell touch, a 1440mAh battery and of course, not to forget, LTE. Battery Life Compared: iPhone 4 Vs. iPhone 3GS.Categories: iphonehacks Tags: battery life, iPhone, iphone 4, life, S Battery, source, Than iPhone. iPhone 8 vs Galaxy S8 vs Oneplus 5 - Battery Life Drain Test - Duration: 5:17.

[ IPHONE X ] CAMERA AND BATTERY LIFE - Duration: 4:06. But Apples new handset doesnt come without its flaws, and one of them that has been repeatedly pointed out is its battery life. Even with its major hardware upgrades, the iPhone 4S was still supposed to have outstanding battery life. But does it? Recently, Ive seen articles that say closing out your apps is actually harmful to iPhone battery life. My article called Is Closing iPhone Apps A Bad Idea?Then, select any option other than Never! This is the amount of time you can leave your iPhone on before the display turns off and goes into sleep mode. Many users who have upgraded to iOS 5 have noticed decreased battery life, the problem seems to effect iPhone and iPad users the worst, but some iPod touch users have noticed battery reductions as well. Latest News on Iphone 4s Battery Life Worse Than Iphone 4. Showing of 0 - 10 from 2 results.Nov 03, 2011. Apple acknowledges iOS 5 iPhone battery issues, fix coming soon. Recently my iphone has been experiencing battery drain after couple weeks for with settings finally have my iphone 6s battery life at par follow these steps and let me know iphone battery life lets fix that right now [] But the iphone 5 drains way faster than my two year old very well used iPhone 4 which is running 5.1.1.I have this same problem, I thought that my iPhone 5 battery drained quickly yesterday but I figured it was just because I was using it so much. iPhone 4 battery life problem. Hi!! I bought an iphone 4 battery and i replaced it with the old batterythe problem is that when the new battery is 10-15 the iphone is closed and when i tried to turn it on it said to connect the charger!! The firmware update was supposed to fix the battery drain problems that iPhone owners have experienced since updating to iOS 5 or buying an iPhone 4S. Post-update release and people are reporting worse battery life than before. Weve complained time in and time out about the lack of long battery life superphones, with the worthy exception of Motorolas Razr Maxx.The 4Ss battery lasts 8 minutes longer than the iPhone 5s, despite being one year older.Not bad, Sony, not bad at all! Some impressive battery life statistics coming out of the iPhone 5 keynote right now. Battery life hasnt decreased with the addition of LTE, as some might image. In fact, it hasnt even stayed the same. The Apple iPhone 5s battery life is a topic of heated debate, but how good is it really? Is the iPhone 5s battery better than that of the iPhone 5, or has it actually gotten worse? We at PhoneArena have developed a Stop freaking out and enjoy your life. There are more important things to worry about than your devices battery life.My iPhone battery drains fast, what gives? Why is my iPhone battery life bad? Below we have compiled a comprehensive list of tips and best practices you can use to improve your iPhones battery life.I dont think it is problem of settings, i think it is a bug in iOS, or even worse problem with iPhone 4s hardware! My iPhone 5 battery life has been less than stellar too, with standby at night eating through the battery a lot faster than my iPhone 4. Ill certainly give a few of these suggestions a try. I found this post to be a nice starting point. The battery life is great just like the other iPhones but when on LTE I do see a decrease in battery life more quicker than when your on wifi but thats to be30 battery consumption after six hours on standby and on WIFI by the way. what makes this even worse is that i recently read many "batter tips" When the iPhone 5 launched, Apple insisted that the battery would last for up to two hours longer than the iPhone 4Ss battery, but tests carried out byY-Cam Evo: quite possibly the worst home security camera you can waste your money on. Hype versus reality microSD memory cards tested for speed. Given some of the iPhone 5s other improvements—thinner body, larger screen, and greater number of pixels to illuminate—it wouldnt seem that the new phone could also match, much less exceed, its predecessors battery life. And, in fact, it doesnt, though it comes close. Seeing articles stating iPhone 5 battery life is made significantly worse by iOS 7 shocks us when reported in such a one-sided way, and in most cases willApple needs to stop the reoccurring issue this problem of installing a new iOS update and then finding your battery life draining faster than ever Enhance Battery Life of iPhone 5s.Frequent checking of iPhone effects Battery Life. Here we are going to get started to check if your Smartphone is suffering from battery drainage problem or not by the simple workaround. While users wait for Apple to come up with a permanent fix for the iPhone 4S battery problem heres some tips for any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that will help you keep battery life to the max.Theres nothing worse than being away from a power outlet, watching the battery indicator edging ever lower The iPhone 7 Adapter Actually Worsens Sound, Study Finds. Daniel Sanchez.Agree just got the 7 plus, Battery life is a lot worse than my 6S Plus. I hope this is a software issue that can be fixed. Many users also reported disabling WiFi or even LTE allowed them to get more life out of the iPhone 5s battery. This was not an option for me. I paid for a phone with these capabilities and I want to use it at will. There are better reports, but 4 hours is the worse it can get. Otherwise, if you stay on Wi-Fi and dont abuse your apps that much, you will survive until nightfall with your phone still alive. Even though we would have expected iPhone 5s battery life to be much better than it turned out to be While the iPhone 5 brought with it an improvement in battery life for the iPhone range, there was still room for more, and to an extent the iPhone 5S delivered. iPhone app search God : Number topped 52172 reviewers! Login/Register. The battery issue, which causes it to drain far quicker than it should, is said to only affect those that have restored their old iPhone onto a new one. "Bad battery life seems to be a recurring issue with first releases of iPhone software - it happened with 4.0, 5.0 and now 6.0," said My iPhone 5 Battery life is better than 4S. No doubt, Apple has made some changes in iPhone 5S battery. One out of three iPhone users having issues regarding battery life.My iPhone battery life is getting worse and worse. iPhone 4S Battery Life Sucks? Try Disabling Location Services. Apple Working Quickly to Release iOS 5.0.1 with Battery Fixes, Beta 2 Out for Devs.[] trzyma. W zasadzie to nic nie pomaga z tych wszystkich sztuczek znalezionych w sieci, np w tego: iOS 5 Battery Life Worse? Battery life is one of the most discussed aspects of the iPhone, but some handsets have it worse than others. If you bought an iPhone 5 in the six month window between September 2012 and January 2013, you could be eligible for a free replacement due to a battery fault. Worst case, you may even see a regression in battery life.Once again Intel maintains about a 19 battery life advantage over the S4 based RAZR M. The RAZR i and the HTC One X do better than the iPhone 5 on 3G, which supports our theory of idle power consumption being a big reason the iPhone Folks at iLounge have just published an extensive battery comparison of Apples new iPhone and iPhone 4S, which reveals that iPhone 5 battery life is worse than iPhone 4S in most departments. Battery life with 3G enabled was 4 hours and 44 minutes, down from nearly 6 hours when I tested the original iPhone.New wireless data technology made the iPhone, as experienced right out of the box, a worse battery experience than its predecessor. The Hub. Tech News and Reviews. iFixit teardown shows iPhone X has 2 battery cells in it despite having worse battery life than 8. The battery in my iPhone 5 is bad and I have an iPhone 4 I was thinking of exchanging the battery from.In a nutshell, it will be easier and cheaper in the end to just buy a replacement battery rather than do what youre suggesting.Related. 3. The Battery Life Span of iPhone 4.

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